Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kitchen Cuteness

Hope you're well and enjoying the holiday week. Can't believe it's another New Year upon us. I won't even get started on resolutions, goals, blah blah blah. Do what you do, and do it well :-)

I was lucky enough to get the new Mary J. Blige cd, Stronger With Each Tear, as a gift. Love it. Especially love the song, Kitchen, which is based on those wise-women's tales about who you let around your romantic partner and relationship issues. You can listen on YouTube or Amazon for the Kitchen track. The main refrain, "Never let another girl cook in your kitchen."

Then a friend tagged me on Facebook to a motivational speaker, writer, and empowerment coach, Cassandra Mack (facebook page), and I've been hooked reading some of the wisdom-filled blogs and columns she's written. I especially liked this blog on Cuteness and Your Relationship. Though it's written about men and women, the lessons are universal for any type of romantic relationship or partner situation.

To me, a lot she has to say is common sense and a refresher on things I've been told, taught, or overheard older relatives talk about. But then another wise friend told me that what's common sense to one person isn't necessarily common sense to another.

And that's the truth.

Happy New Year!

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