Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vegan Soul Kitchen

I heard about this book, Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry, several months ago while listening to one of my favorite radio shows/podcasts, The Splendid Table.

The recipes in the book focus on fresh, local, high quality, in-season, and sustainable non-animal food products.

Not only was it a great interview, but it was also nice hearing chef Bryant being forward thinking when it comes to traditional African American menus.

He combines his social justice values (vegans don't consume or use animal products when preparing food), his love for food, and respect for the traditions that come along with preparing soul food.

In addition to Vegan Soul Kitchen, his first food book, Grub, is about developing an urban, organic kitchen.

Definitely something new, fresh, and forward thinking for fans of African American soul food. And a great conversation starter at those family dinners/luncheons some of you may be participating in this Mother's Day weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I bought the book and plan to use some of the Recipes. Let's not get it twisted I ain't givin up meat but I think as we get older we need to kinda try to refine those Southern Recipes. I tried the Cabbage recipe it was okay but it need tweaking. The pepper flakes were just a little too hot. I bought it for all my brutha's and sista's at work because we need to do some healthy cooking.

KB said...

i'm luvin this one already-headed to borders tonite!! thanks Fred!!!

Demetrius said...

Let me know if any of y'all need someone to help steer you to good vegan eats in LA, NYC or beyond. I've been vegan for well over a decade and it can be fun tasty and yes healthier :-)