Friday, June 30, 2006

Living Legend. Lena Horne is 89.

I imagine back in the day, the boys loved Lena Horne much like they're loving performers like Beyonce or Janet today when they go out.

But today, June 30, Lena Horne is 89. A living legend who broke down doors and endured much to pave the way for the performer/singers/actors of today. And who still has new projects released in the past few years. I've never met nor seen her perform live, but she's always seemed really classy and elegant. So, it's nice to see someone like her still alive and celebrating a birthday.

Transcript of 80th birthday PBS interview.

Eight "google" pages of her albums.

Kennedy Center Honors biography.


Still said...

OMG I couldnt hardley read the post, I thought is was going to say she had passed.

She is truly a living legend. No one will ever reach the heights she has, I would still love to see her perform to this day.

BuddahDesmond said...

Such an intelligent and beautifully talented lady. She's the epitome of class, elegance and grace. Legend. Icon. Trailblazer. I'm glad she's still here with us. And need I say, she's yet another example of how beautifully black people age.