Friday, June 16, 2006

Tale of Two Brothers. NPR.

Something's weird with Blogger today... the text, fonts, formatting, etc...

But anyway, just listened to this story on NPR: Tale of Two Boys. You can listen right now on your computer. It's workplace safe.

Thanks to Tayari Jones for alerting us to this story on her blog.

The boys/young men in the story remind me so much of students I encounter in my day job and through my church mentoring program, who want to make something of their lives and who face heartwrenching odds realizing their dreams.

Life can be easy if you have support and safety nets like I did. But it can also be challenging, even if you have those supports. And most definitely difficult without support and safety nets.

But even with the questions we have about our lives and why it's so unfair to some, one constant remains: it's indeed a gift to be alive, to have the ability to dream and sometimes to make those dreams come true.

Oh, and that young people need mentors and role models to look up to... whether they tell anyone or not.

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