Friday, June 02, 2006

Why I Love Chicago.

I'm such a shameful travel whore... I get teased a little, fall in love, and then know I have to pack up and leave in the morning... as in Diana Ross' Touch Me in the Morning and then just walk away.

But... we're talking cities. Not relationships. Though... what's that term we learned in English grammar. A simile. A metaphor. Anyway.

I hate that I gotta get up and leave Chicago later this weekend. I've had such a ball and though my life now is in L.A., I have always said if I moved again I'd come back to Chicago. Oh, I said that about Atlanta, New York City, Seattle, and Miami too. Hmmm. See, shameful travel whore that I am.

Why I love Chicago?

1. Serious appreciation for good food. Like real food, not appetizer plates masquerading as entrees as in L.A. Whether it's ribs, deep dish pizza at Giordano's, Mario's Italian Ice, beef sandwiches, Harold's, Chicago style hot dogs, chicken, the kettle caramel popcorn (just forgot the place), whatever... people here really love food. When I was in grad school here, I loved food too. And you can't forget Taste of Chicago.

2. Serious appreciation for good drink. Whether it's to celebrate, wind down at the end of the day, or to watch a game, Chicago loves its bars... and beer. Big clubs. Dive hole-in-the-wall bars where the locals hang. Too many bad-yet-fun grad school memories. But you know the deal.

3. Serious appreciation for sports. Cubs, Sox, Da Bears, The Bulls with Tyson Chandler. The lakefront biking, volleyball by Fullerton, and not to mention the upcoming Gay Games. This town stays fit. Even if it's just walking to and from the "El" train.

4. Speaking of the "El", I love, LOVE, LOVE the fact that you don't have to own a car or drive here. I'd forgotten the luxury of leaving home whenever you want, stumbling home whenever you want... and knowing that you can leave the driving to the friendly taxi driver or the "El."

5. Cuteness. Whether it's Boystown, the South Side, or West Side, and no matter your taste, there is a natural cuteness and fineness (is that a word???) of the boys here. Not liposucked, not exfoliated, not starved to size negative zero... just natural, good looking men everywhere. And there's something about that working-blue-flava collar look you see all around that's just kinda... yum.

6. Oprah.

I'm talking myself into something. Let me stop. I'm sure some of you are shameful travel whores too. Where have you wanted to move after visiting?

Happy Weekend! I'm off to the gym in the Loop to work off some of the food and beer I've consumed this week. :-)


Frank León Roberts said...

wow, you really like Chicago that much?! dam.

No4real4real said...

I been to Chi-Town once and fell in love with it. Well...I went in the summer. I am sure I wouldn't enjoy living through their summers.

demetrius said...

Chicago is phat, Mr. Roberts, and the rest. Give it a little love and see. Of course, do NOT compare it to New York City. Just open up a bit.

Yes, Mr. Smith, I hear you loud and clear. I fell love with San Francisco on my first visit very quickly. Moved there barely three months later...

Anonymous said...

Chicago is boring.

K Kaos said...

My future Home, gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

Chicago is terrible. There is something very plain and boring about it. It's also in the midwest zzzzzzzz