Monday, June 05, 2006


Tight, a novel by Patrick Sanchez, is a fun look at America's plastic surgery obsession through three heartrending, hilarious, and very real (fictional) friends who will do whatever it takes to stay... TIGHT.

I heard Patrick read from a very funny section of the novel a few weeks ago in Miami. A scene about a not-so-nice co-worker who outs one of the main characters' age in an office birthday party setting. Fun scene. We were laughing out loud. Tight is on my summer reading list.

Tight. What we'd all be like if we kept those lifestyle change promises we made back in January. How you doing on your fitness plans? For motivation, check out
Keith Boykin's fitness journal on his site. For more motivation, check out Hood2Big site, with some tight boy models. (Both sites are workplace-safe for browsing, for those of you lunchtime browsers).

Hope it's a fab Monday for you all!

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