Friday, August 01, 2008

Last Call

I'm sure some of you have been, or are, the "last call" of someone you really like... where the liking isn't as reciprocal as you'd like, but you still pick up the phone. Or you're the safe "go to" at the end of their night... or the last resort of their list of potentials.

Oooh, that waiting sucks. I've been there. Not cute, but you get over it, and him, eventually.

Enter my favorite country singer, Lee Ann Womack, and her new song and video, Last Call. Love the line "Baby, I still love you don't mean nothing with whiskey on your breath."

Ranks up there with "I May Hate Myself In The Morning (But I'm Gonna Love You Tonight.)"

Here's to dropping all those "last calls" out there. Nothing like a good country song to motivate you to do it.

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