Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Listen To It. But Don't Take It.

OMG, one of those night when I'm up late. Can't sleep. Thinking about something(s) developing at the day job and the writing job.

Get an urge for Pointer Sisters music. This one, Friend's Advice (Don't Take It), from a special appearance they did on Arsenio Hall show. I always loved the hook, "Listen to it, sort through it, contemplate it, but don't take it" as they sang about taking the advice of friends.

Which then led me to Dare Me, which is on my iTunes top 5 played, and which my friends and I always get a kick out of the video. Remember when all videos had to have the choreographed group dance, and you looked for the one dancer who was off routine in the back? Oh ok, maybe you don't.

Don't ask. Gonna try to sleep soon :-)

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