Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prepping For The Election

So I didn't think I knew ANYone who was planning to vote for John McCain... until this weekend when I started getting email forwards from an old college acquaintence from Missouri. She is so freaking pro-McCain and anti-Obama/Democrats that I'm like "Do I know this woman? Did we actually hang out in college?"

That's Missouri for you. Unpredictable. Swing. And I guess she only had her "of color" friends around for stereotypical race play in the bedroom type of purposes. Anyway, I'm such a sarcastic meany man sometimes.

Caught up on Diary of an Anxious Black Woman last night, after my workaholic blog rage, and loved this reading list she put together for the November elections: Race, Gender, and The Elections.
Brought me back to reality and put the election in perspective.

To do: Watch Recount movie. Watch Unprecedented documentary. Register to vote.

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