Sunday, August 03, 2008

Page 69 or 99 Test

Just discovered two blogs which will be helpful in my novel buying process. Or at least an interesting perspective to take into account.

The Page 69 Test.

The Page 99 Test.

The gist is that when you open a book and read what's on page 69 and 99, it'll give you an indication of the book's quality and issues that might be carried throughout the book.

I generally have done the page one test... maybe the first two in a bookstore to see if it holds me. Not always the most reliable, as some novels don't reveal their true essence and storylines until much further... once you get into them.

Sue Miller's While I Was Gone was one of those for me. Didn't do anything for me, until I was a good 50-60 pages into it and then... I was glad I stuck with it.

What about you, and how you judge a novel's worthiness to buy or continue reading?

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