Monday, August 18, 2008

I Realize I'm A Workaholic

After not posting new blogs for close to a week... and realizing that I'm staying up late because I'm dreaming about work... and waking up from sleep to do work... and knowing that all my friends are kinda pissed off at me for not being a good friend this summer because I haven't been the best at returning messages, accepting invitations, nor just general hanging out or phone calling... and after realizing that my dating life has been, well, eh... After the Puma stage early this summer... well, California drought season ain't called that for a reason. Well, except for the ex, who's another workaholic. We schedule meetings to see each other.

I'm a workaholic. And other people have lives. Lives that revolve around things that are not work-related, or to-do lists, or trying to make bosses and those around me happy. Lives that begin at 5 or 5:30, not because they're "clockwatchers" as I often joke (but am serious kinda) about with co-workers who leave at the end of their 8-hour shift, but because they believe (and know) it's good to have a non-work life.

I am, and always have been, an overachiever type who wants to do more than just the minimum to get by. And I love being recognized for going above and beyond.

But then today I realized I haven't seen my family in Michigan since December... and I probably won't again until December... and that's not right. And I haven't taken any summer vacation that's not work or book-related. And that's not right. And blah blah blah.

I'm reflecting. And ranting. But I like work and am kinda bummed that it's become the jewel in my crown lately. But I still like it.

Catch 22. What about you? Current or former workaholics?



you are such a stereotypical virgo, LOL.

Demetrius said...

DO YOUr thing, with some happy treats/times/tunes. Maybe plan a special winter/holiday vacation too?

Cheers to book #3!