Thursday, August 07, 2008

Health or Vanity?

So my friend and I are driving to our gym tonight. He's scrolling through the internet on his phone to catch up on the latest L.A. news.

There's a story about how L.A. is considering making it mandatory for restaurants to post calorie and fat content on menus, including sit down places.

Just a few weeks ago, the city council voted to ban the building of new fast-food establishments in South L.A., due to the higher (than the rest of L.A.) obesity and other chronic illness related to bad food choices.

So it got me thinking about L.A., and our pending trip to the gym... is it health or vanity that drives our personal choice to work out? Or that drives L.A. to consider such measures for its residents? We all know L.A. has a reputation for... being concerned with looks.

As for the gym, we guessed most is for vanity, but that we reap health benefits even if we don't reach our vanity goals... That kinda sums me up, lol.

What about you and your food/gym habits? The L.A. council decisions? Health or vanity?

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Wonder Man said...

For me, it's both. I want to be healthy and look nice as well.