Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get A Man, Ditch A Friend Syndrome

Don't you just love images like this, by Anne Taintor... awesome gifts... go buy some!

So let's just call it GAM-DAF syndrome for short.

You know, those friend (or you, lol) who as soon as they meet/get a man, they stop doing their regular routines, stop hanging with friends, etc... and spend 100% of the day devoted to the new man. Fawning. Drooling. And no, we're not jealous. Just concerned.

A couple weeks ago Aunt Jemima's Revenge wrote about GAMDAF. I immediately thought of one of my buddies.

Lo and behold, this past Saturday that same good buddies met someone and now they're in love. What's today, Thursday? Like four days. And he's not already making plans for the man's birthday (while asking my birthdate in the same conversation about the new beau -- we've known each other 10 years) or Valentine's Day 2009? Telling me everything that's so awesome and special about this man.

Again, not jealous. Just concerned.

Maybe because I've seen this one particular friend have the hardest breakups, as in he can't get over seeing exes happy, he constantly dogs out exes and his choice to be with them, and the things he finds cute in the beginning he hates at the end, etc... The whole "fall hard, break up hard" thing.

Also, maybe because I'm such an independent person. While I like to date and meet new people, I don't change my life or routine, or get giddily-ga-ga. I'm even up front about how my professional life and routines are very important, and that I like people who are equally busy and don't need 24/7 attention... because I don't need 24/7 attention to know I'm liked/loved. Hmmm, maybe that's the key to my perpetual single-hood? Anyway...

Whether you call it GAM-DAF or Hopelessly Devoted To You syndrome, it's a little annoying... and I hope you (or I) never become that friend who ditches their friends for a new man.


Adrienne said...

Hi Frederick,

How great that you used one of our images with your GAM-DAF post today. We're flattered! And I totally relate to that syndrome, it's a personal peeve of mine.

Anyway, I took a look at your profile and I wonder if you'd be interested in receiving an advance review copy of Iyanla's new book, the 20th anniv edition of TAPPING THE POWER WITHIN? Is it something your readers might want to know about?


Adrienne Biggs,
PR for clients including Anne Taintor, SmileyBooks, Intentional Chocolate, etc

Frederick Smith said...
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Frederick Smith said...

Yes Adrienne. Send a note to my email address fsmith827 at gmail dot com and I'll get you my contact information.

autonomous said...

I CONCUR about 15 times over.
Its the funniest thing. I have an associate like that. ASSOCIATE becase this has been a routine for as long as ive known him[12 years]... In the end it becomes rather funny or expected which is why this 12 year friendship has become an associate...