Monday, June 04, 2007

Get The Number... And Move On

When I was a fresh, young ingenue on the boy scene, one of the elders (probably a college junior to my college freshman status) who took me under his wing gave me this advice: Get the number... and move on.

Of course he was speaking to the going out experience.

And in a nutshell, he meant... if you're interested (and they're interested) get the number; don't wait around forever playing the eye-game and smiling at each other from across the room all night.

Then, when you get the number, he advised, move on. In other words, don't let one person -- especially a new person -- monopolize your night... especially early in the night... and especially since you don't know who/what else might come across your path.

I followed neither piece of the advice this weekend. :-)

So Arena boy on Saturday night... light skin, blue boy scout shirt, a little taller than me, standing outside the upstairs bathroom with your friends. Um. Find me. If you can.

So party-goers at Cafe Benvenuto for Booked L.A.'s anniversary party. Um. I thought you were cute too. And I wanted to talk to you too :-)

What treasures did you find? Or let slip away this weekend?

Or... was there someone you saw out, and remembered, but didn't see for the longest time... and then you finally met or got together?

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