Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cape Refuge

So my sister and I have very little in common when it comes to reading and books. She rarely reads, and when she does, it tends to skew toward Christian, inspirational, or business type books.

A couple years ago, though, she recommended that I read this mystery she'd just read. Cape Refuge. By Terri Blackstock. My sister said she'd picked it up by accident in a store, started reading it, and then picked up every additional book in the series.

Cape Refuge follows the brutal double murder of a couple who runs a boarding house for/refuge place in a small town. Lots of interesting characters. Fast paced. A very good read. And though the novel is often found in the Christian section of bookstores, it doesn't knock you over the head with messages per se. And it's definitely not graphic, in terms of violent imagery -- violence/gore is not my thing in books or movies necessarily.

A very good mystery. And a very good read to get into for the summer. It might just keep you up all night, much like it did for my sister and me.

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