Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Mind B Everywhere Today

So I absolutely hated that song "Umbrella" by Rihanna when it first came out. Now, I love it. And am singing it all the freaking day long. Those freaking 1988 Boys got me hooked. What about you? Ella-ella-ella, eh-eh-eh.

Found a new wonderful site, Feministing, about all things feminist. They were on the show Feminist Magazine which I listen to regularly on Wednesday nights in L.A. Very thought-provoking discussions. And men can aid and add to the cause of feminism.

I'm writing, writing, writing. Novels are fun and challenging puzzles to work on. I wish I could crank them out as fast as it takes to read them.

Speaking of which, I remember the fun Summer of 2005, when there was a plethora of young, gay black men adding to our fiction wealth. Rashid Darden. Trent Jackson. Dayne Avery. Alphonso Morgan. Oh, there were a billion of us out on the road that summer, hitting all the black pride events across the country. I hope we can find another summer like that when all our publication dates merge. I have no clue what or who's up for Summer 2007, but if you know, please give us the scoop.

It's early to talk U.S. President election, but I think I know who I'm voting for. And I hope this person can take it all the way. Will tell/talk more later.

Finally. Picture it. Ten years ago. The crazy Republicans wanted, and got very close, to impeaching President Clinton. All for a BJ. Today, thousands of U.S. soldiers dead for a cause we were lied to about. Hundreds of thousands of Iraq citizens dead. The unfolding lies. Immense unpopularity.

What the heck does it take for someone to get impeached? Other than a BJ? Hmmm. Dead people and lies. A BJ.

OK. Back to writing.

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brainstrom said...

Have a good weekend... enjoy the writing process.