Friday, May 11, 2007

Club Fighting. Part 2.

So it's getting hot. People will be eating less, drinking more, and taking those volatile body chemistries to clubs, prides, and other summer outings.

All of which can lead to Club Fighting, something I wrote about a few years back.

Seems one of my 1988 Boys has developed Club Fighting mentality recently. Can't figure if it's the new "friends" made since moving to L.A., or if it's just one of those things... like some people are just naturally pleasant and others are naturally attitudinal. Who knows? I do believe that young people have to be EXTRA picky about their friends. Cool and cute don't always cut it.

Now... I'd like to think I'm one of those naturally pleasant people. Or maybe I'm just a realist.

I know that when in crowded places where people drink, there will be: shoes stepped on, boyfriends looked at/flirted with, people taking the offensive with their attitude, and other "so-called" trials and tribulations. Therefore, if you know it's a possibility, you're less likely to be upset when it happens. (On that note, can we PLEASE take "trials and tribulations" out our LGBT/people of color vocabulary??? It's not like we're on freaking Dynasty and we have an empire about to be destroyed...)

I've come to understand, through my academics and my work with students, that the "attitude" displayed is usually due to one being angry/insecure about one's self. And that the only way to overcome "attitude" is to work on the areas, or work to accept and be okay, about one's challenges.

Are any of you reformed club fighters? Or reformed attitude boys/girls? How did you come out of it? What can we do to make sure the upcoming summer is a good, and safe, one -- emotionally and physically -- for our brothers and sisters?

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life said...

I am There are a myriad of things that make ppl act all, but your right they need mature, heal, and grow.