Thursday, May 24, 2007


Without Melinda in the finals of American Idol... snooze.

Anyway, my new best friend from last year got me hooked on the music of Mika. So I want you to be too.

Hard to classify the genre. And that's okay. Voice sounds a little George Michael-ish meets Freddy Mercury. To me. Mika is a Lebanese-born, London-bred young man. Early 20s.

One of my favorites of his, that hasn't been relased as a single, is Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), an ode to real women with real curves. You can hear this one on Mika's MySpace site.

Okay. Happy listening.

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Joseph said...

I really want to like him--I've known about him for a minute now--but I can't seem to get into him. It's not that his music is a little different, I kinda love that, but I am already a huge Rufus Wainwright fan. There can only be one mainstream gay pop star, and I can't cheat on Rufus.