Friday, June 15, 2007

The Secret Vacation

There's nothing like taking vacation time, and not telling anyone you're doing it. Well, I told you all who read this early in the week, but other than that... you get the gist.

There's nothing like taking vacation time... and not taking a vacation, too. My "vacations" tend to involve family or work, so that's not much of a vacation. But back to the point.

No one's been calling/bugging/visiting/inviting this week when they think I'm at work. I've been spending my "work hours" at the library, coffeehouse, at my friend's store breakroom, York Fashion, anywhere quiet where I can get my writing work done. In fact, I'm out the door in an hour or so.

And I tell you this. I haven't been this productive with my writing than when I was secretly writing Down For Whatever several years back. Since Monday, got about 15 pages done. Of course, in a few weeks, I'll discover only 10 are any good. But still... that's progress.

I think a "secret" vacation is what everyone needs... for writers, for peace of mind, for whatever you need.



D-Bo said...

A secret vacation is something that all of need from time to time. Especially when we want to get ourselves back into focus.


ReggieH said...

An excellent idea, and in some cases, the ONLY way to get any work done!