Saturday, September 09, 2006

Musical Madness

Doesn't Ludacris look nice with the new haircut?

I finally saw the video for his song "Money Maker" last week and was wowed. So much so that I texted a friend about my wowe. I guess I'd never noticed or paid attention to Ludacris' look before. He's kinda nice looking. I don't know anything about his politics or thoughts on lgbt folks and fans, but, hmmm... I guess with a song like "Money Maker" the politics are... Anyway, look for his Release in late September.

OK. I've never disliked India.Arie's music, but I've never gotten around to buy any of her music. Last week I "borrowed" my sister's copy of Miss Arie's Testimony, Vol. 1: Life & Relationship and I'm loving it. Well, there's a few songs that have made my gym iTunes list, including "Summer" and "Private Party" and "Heart of the Matter."

The musical madness. Go figure.

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