Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Holiday Hunt

Mood tune: Love in the First Degree by Bananarama (YouTube video link)

So like most of you who are single, I am also looking for "the one." Well, not looking like a detective... but open to finding "the one."

Every few weeks or so I think I've found him, but then a few small factors come into play -- he has a partner, he lives 3,000 miles away, he thinks I'm an ATM, he doesn't believe a person really IS busy, or he can't keep focused on one person. You know, small things like that. (Should those small things be overlooked, hmmm?)

Anyway, last week I was emailing my friend Clay Cane about a hilarious and thought-provoking essay he wrote last year on his blog. The entry, Halloween & The Hunt, centered on the holidays, being single, and the "timeline" that determines if you're with or without a partner over the holidays. I just love it and wanted you to read it too... especially the line about drinking straight vodka, Nina Simone, and Color Purple. A classic Clay-ism :-)

It's funny that when you're a writer of fiction, you want your characters to experience angst and complications. You want them to have internal conflicts between what they should and shouldn't do, say, want, or need. You want them to resolve to do, say, want, need one thing, but do, say, want, and need something else.

It's good for fiction. Not good for a real person. But I guess that makes us human. And what keeps us ever hopeful that tomorrow, our search will bring "the one."

Speaking of which, you'll probably meet and/or see several "ones" at the West Hollywood Book Fair this weekend, Sunday, September 17, 2006... including myself on a panel at 11 am.

Take care. And let me... or Clay know what you think.

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