Monday, September 18, 2006

Lovers and Players and Jackie Collins

Lovers and Players is the title of Jackie Collins newest novel.

I bought it yesterday, after Rashid Darden wrote a great review of it last week, AND after listening to a fun conversation/panel Jackie Collins participated on at the West Hollywood Book Fair.

Fiona got a picture with her. I didn't. Oh well.

Anyway, Jackie Collins has a quick wit, very fun conversation style. Her stories and responses roll off really easily. I'm just amazed at how down to earth she is while on panel and talking with readers.

OK. Enough gushing. You can tell this was a highlight, huh?

I was very happy and proud of the panel I participated on. One thing I rarely do, unless it's a solo speech or training, is write notes. I mentally prepare, but I don't write a lot down. I like to sound more natural, friendly, etc... But then I also know I can sound real formal. Hmmm... I am an approachable person... I tell myself.

Super excited my new best friend Eric B. showed up, looking fab as always. That's another conversation not for the blog. But so cool hanging yesterday.

Oh, but isn't Lovers and Players a fun title? I realize there's absolutely nothing wrong with writing fun fiction. People love it. People buy it. People want an escape from their personal realities. 400 million Jackie Collins books sold worldwide says people want an escape.

That's all.

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