Saturday, February 12, 2005

Writing, Editing, Proofing... Oh My!!!

Just got the typeset pages of my novel from the publisher. Got less than two weeks to read through it and make any final changes before DOWN FOR WHATEVER goes into production. So cool. So exciting. But really want to read slowly. One of my pet peeves is reading a book and finding a typo. Really don't want to see one in mine once it's on the shelf.

Gloomy, rainy day in L.A. today... went to the gym, checking e-mail, proof reading, and heading to a GospelFest concert at Cal State L.A. later today.

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Tayari Jones said...

Fred, I didn't know that you had a blog!

It's cool reading your experiences in the run-up to publication at the same time that I am going through mine. The advice that everyone gives is to learn to enjoy the roller-coaster ride. (I haven't quite mastered that.)

I hope that you survived the final editing process. It's hard to let go isn't it?