Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fat Tuesday Resolutions

So count me out of the pigging out and all that other gluttonous behavior that goes along with Fat Tuesday... and, as an aside, prepping for Ash Wednesday and Lent. Lest we forget...

I'm finishing up my weight loss program in just a few weeks. Very close to my goal. Down 30 pounds since September 1. Want to lose just another 5 - 7, but can do that on my own once I cancel my program.

My secret... #1-- Stepped up my workouts MAJORLY -- it doesn't make sense to pay for a gym to barely break a sweat... or to not go at all. That's money down the drain. Hello!

#2 -- Joined Weight Watchers online program, started counting my points, and stopped eating for a family of four. Who needs supersizing or fast food everyday. Hello!

#3 -- Stopped worrying about trendy diets, restricting myself, and making good choices. That's what I learned in my program. Moderation. Good choices. And how to pick foods that will fill you up and not have you craving for junk.

Fat Tuesday. For everyone else. Not for me.

And I didn't need New Years, Lent, or any other man-made benchmark to start my program. All I needed was making up my mind to get focused. Like my friend, motivational speaker Jewel Diamond Taylor says, it's important to "keep the main thing the main thing!"

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