Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday Schmiday

Most people look forward to Fridays. I don't. Especially around the late afternoon, when my weekend plans haven't solidified, when everyone is leaving the office early, and when I know my main date for the weekend will be with my computer -- working on novel #2, not getting dates on the computer.

What have you got planned?


Anonymous said...

I feel you about Fridays sometimes. Most of the time I am just excited that I dont have to go to work the next day, but it can also be a downer. If the most interesting thing I have planned is a date with my DVD player and the latest rental, it makes me feel a little lonely.


TheBlacks said...

Most days I get to work early on Fridays so I can get the work day over and done with ... This weekend I plan to wash, decide on what clothes to take to on my trip to New York, catch 'Diary Of A Mad Black Woman', view the Oscars and update my site with an entry or two.

TheBlacks said...

Shake a tailfeather at The El Rey tonight ... that's if I don't fall asleep before the event starts.