Monday, February 07, 2005

She threw herself eagerly into the path of unsuitable men...

It's almost Valentine's Day. Yay!

The day made for Hallmark, flower vendors, and gluttonous dinners at your favorite chain/pseudo-fancy restaurant... que bueno!

Or maybe not.

For those of you who like your VD like your men, women, and undecideds... funny, sarcastic, and with a bit of an edge, you gotta check out these sites for some hilarious Valentine's Day greetings.

Anne Taintor has fabulous, retro looking cards, magnets, and other materials. With a feminist edge and social commentary, these cards are sure to make anyone's day... or night. And I just love the "She Threw Herself Eagerly Into The Paths of Unsuitable Men" cards. Isn't that the motto for life in your 20s? Just change gender for your likes... and there are free e-cards too.

Be My Anti-Valentine hasVD greetings for the more economically challenged... e-cards. And they're funny and sure to make the environmentalists happy because you're not using trees.

You Yes You has more wonderful, witty, twisted and PG-13 ways to celebrate VD with the one's you like/love/tolerate.

Seven more days... am I ready for Valentine's Day or what?

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