Tuesday, February 22, 2005

University Times and Lanla Gist

On rainy days like this -- it's been raining the past billion days in Southern California -- you don't really want to get out of bed and schlep to work. You just feel like lazing away under the warm covers.

But after getting out of bed and schlepping over to campus, I found the greatest thing. Totally made my morning.

An article about me and my novel in the University Times campus newspaper.

It's written by Lanla Gist, who I must say, is one of the best writers for the paper. She's really thorough, asks great questions, and I feel like I'm sitting across from Oprah, Barbara, or a shrink when talking with her. Lanla is just great, has written for Essence Magazine, and has a novel in progress about her family's experiences in Liberia and moving to the U.S.

Some literary agent needs to pick her up now!

Now, if only the University Times was tech savvy and online, I could share the article with you. But trust me... if future articles and profiles (I can hope there'll be some!!!) on the book's release are this great, the book will have a great future.

Thanks Lanla!

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