Saturday, February 26, 2005

Random Saturday Night

Home on Saturday night, boo :-( Had a very productive day, yay :-) Wrote ten pages today on the new novel, technically due at the end of February, this Monday, boo :-( But probably done by end of March, yay :-)

Anyway, I'm totally loving the new novel, even though Down For Whatever hasn't even hit shelves yet. Getting my DFW galleys in the mail Tuesday. So exciting. My first baby is really coming. (Antonio, yours is in the mail!!!)

So I don't mind staying in on Saturday night, as long as I'm being productive and not wasting time. Used to be a time, before I got serious about writing, when I HAD to be in the club Wednesday through Sunday. Now, I'm like whatever... But I know come March, when I'm done with the new book, I'm hitting the streets again. Been so long, like Anita Baker sang in the 80s.

So much damn good music I KNOW must be moving the boys in the clubs, like it moves me while writing:
  • Candy Shop and Disco Inferno by 50 Cent (mmmm, that's all I can say)
  • 1 Thing by Amerie (saw the video today finally; she's so underrated and beautiful)
  • It's Like That by Mariah (classic hip hop Mariah; I'm ready to party, open the Bacardi)
  • Turn Da Lights Off by Tweet (Tweet been working out and dieting, too, I see)

I'm sure they'll all be played out by the time I'm back on the scene. Like my clothes. Gotta get the spring/summer wardrobe updated majorly! Thirty-plus pounds lighter (since last summer, thanks Weight Watchers online), I can dress trendy and not simply comfortable and in black. Yay :-) Hmmm, where to start? Who to wear? Who gives comps to writers who'll blurb them in future books and while on book tour this summer? Kara Saun? Anyone? :-)

Final thought... you think rappers are aware of their SGL audiences and following? Seems these days, everything's marketed to boy-boys and teeny-bopper girls. One and the same?



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TheBlacks said...

Tweet's video for "Turn Da Lights Off," is pretty hot ... I saw the video about a month ago and I was impressed.

All of the songs that you listed are the current favorites played in the club -- You must add T.I's "Bring 'Em Out," to the list also.

Question: Did you watch The Grammy's Red Carpet Show on E! that Starr Jones-Reynolds hosted? [Please say 'yes'] -- What was really going on with Anita Baker? She looked like a straight up crack head ... Man! When they flashed her across the screen I couldn't stop laughing ... Oh Lawd.

I've never been to Club Chico ... One of these days I'll make a guest appearance and party like it's 1999.