Monday, May 14, 2007

Wine. Texting. Scandal.

Um. Of course texting and driving are a no-no.

But texting and drinking. A MAJOR no-no.

It all started with a wine tasting party I got invited to. Very fun, and very suburban, straight-laced crowd. You know the kind... commute two hours back and forth, to buy a home you rarely get to enjoy, and look forward to weekend Costco trips. That kinda crowd.

But somewhere between my third and fourth "tasting" I sent a text message to a friend -- okay, a bunch of friends -- with the most scandalous confession. Centers around the whole "friend's exes and exes friends" topic that too is a major no-no.

So once I'm home, and in the middle of the night, I start getting a myriad of responses from friends from across the country. Yes, ACROSS the country. Some funny, some asking what's up, most saying "Child, don't drink and text!"

That's the lesson for today. Don't drink and text. Oh, and don't drink and drive too. Or drink, come home from a club, and call. Ewwww.

By the way... I didn't DO anything along the "friend's exes and exes friends" topic. And now that I made the electronic confession, I know I won't do anything about it either. I'm far from a Carmen Mesta (Young and Restless fans, you know what I'm talking about... YouTube link 1, YouTube link 2).

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