Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Don't Go There Zone. Or Is It?

So we ALL know the rule: you don't date friends exes; you don't date exes friends.

Pretty simple and straightforward. But... are there times when you can go there? Like, is there a statute of limitations? Or what if it's not a deliberate act of deception that leads to you going there?

Not that I'm thinking of breaking the rule. But there are times when...

Like when a friend has thought about breaking up with someone, and me being the relationship optimist countered every negative comment the friend made with a positive one about the partner. Left me thinking (and kinda concluding) that maybe I might be attracted to the partner. But... didn't go there.

Or like when starting out with someone you think has potential for you, but then figuring out he would be PERFECT with a friend of yours. I've found that I'm quite a good audition/casting director. Once got a little jealous that the new match worked better than we did. But that's a good thing they're happy.

Or, when a friend discards a GOOD man like one would a used tissue, for some very (what you deem) silly reasons. Leaves you thinking: how could you dump someone when so many of us can't find ONE good man... and you leave a trail of broken hearts? Is that a time when one can go there?

So, we all know the rule is there to help us maintain good friend and family relationships. And for general good karma too.

But have you or someone you know gone there? Are you in a current romantic relationship because you or he went there? Do you have a friend or family member who always goes there with your partners? Have you lost a friend or family member because you or they went there?

I know we're all looking for the right side of the right bed in a relationship, but sometimes the bad or the wrong are just a phone call, church seat, idle glance, or keystroke away...

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life said...

Why is wrong closer than right? People are so fickle these days; we all will be single if we don't better define this rule.