Monday, April 16, 2007


OK. Good news first. Though it won't be out until November, Right Side of the Wrong Bed is now available for PRE-order on Amazon. Check it out.

Next best news. So I won't be moving to Salt Lake City any time soon (I will visit though), but I did enjoy myself this weekend at the event sponsored by the University of Utah Ethnic Studies Program. Great turnout. Great questions. Thanks to Wilfred Samuels, Daryl Dowdell and crew for a wonderful time!

I could definitely tell that the black folks there need and want regular forums to get their opinions out and voices heard, because what started as a discussion about hip hop, black men, masculinity, and literature went to a lot of different places and topics that were very interesting. Everyone seems so happy in Salt Lake City, even when they have differing opinions. If you're an artist/writer of color, definitely put Salt Lake City on your roster. Initially, you may not think it's a spot, but the people of color there LOVE having us visit their city and will definitely support. (Marz... sorry, no major travel diary here, lol.)

OK. So back to intense. INTENSE.

I've met a couple of folks recently, who I thought should be considered for a leading role in my romantic life. But whoa! Intense. Like persistent calls, emails, texts every hour on the hour it seems. Intense. Like, despite my assertions that my weekly schedule is packed and that time is a rare commodity, insisting on scheduling a date after I've worked a 15-hour day. Intense. Like, the whole low self-esteem thing, saying they can't believe I would talk to or approach them -- and now I can't believe I did too. Intense. Like, thinking I forgot a phone number or email and leaving it with every message. That ever happen to you? Where someone is so intense and insistent that it kinda scares you to back off? I wonder what makes someone think you're a romantic lead after one conversation? Scares me. Too intense. Not everyone I meet. Just some.

But I am having a great Monday anyway. And hope you are too!

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