Friday, September 19, 2008

I. Can't. Sleep.

This could be straight out of the My Best Friend and My Man storyline, which I told you about back in June.

A friend of mine was with his partner two nights ago. Around 2 am. His partner's phone alerts that a new text message has arrived.

My friend picks it up and finds the message, "I Can't Sleep." The message was from a friend of my friend.

My friend's partner was asleep, so my friend called me with one of those "WTF is NoName texting my man at 2 am?"

I could only think two things. Naive, innocent Fred thought, "Practical joke." Experienced, jaded Fred thought, "You don't text someone at 2 am I-Can't-Sleep unless you've been given reason to do so."

Then naive, innocent Fred thought, "A friend wouldn't text another friend's man like that."

Then experienced, jaded Fred thought about that Denise LaSalle song where she goes, "I can tell you a lot about a best friend honey... when it comes down to your man, you ain't got no best friend." -- Denise LaSalle song, "It Be's That Way Sometime"

What would you think if someone text you or your partner with an "I Can't Sleep" message at 2 am? What would you do if you saw the message?

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Unknown said...

all things being equal the simplest explanation is the correct one right? paper or plastic sir.