Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Links For Writer Types

Hey... I know times are tight for some people, and taking writing classes isn't the extra thing to fit in the budget. I always found attending book signings at book stores, even for writers I didn't know about, was like a free class.

As well, here are some recently discovered links that I've found to be helpful to my writing life.

Practicing Writing. Free and low-cost contests and other writing opportunities.

The Book Deal. An insider's view of publishing business.

A grant opportunity from Poets and Writers for those of you who'd like to host a writer event in your area for underserved populations.

Marcela Landres. Consults with all writers, but especially provides information for and about writers of color in the publishing industry. I met her at a VONA conference about five years ago, and her advice was the BEST I'd ever received about publishing.

Backstory. First-person accounts from published authors on how their most recent novel came to be.

A Newbie's Guide To Publishing. Always informative entries. And if you haven't downloaded the 700+ page collection of publishing, writing, marketing tips, here's your chance.

Finally, early in my blog life I listed a bunch of writer resources I found helpful. Here is one entry called Writer Resource Library. Check it out.

Of course I check out some of my favorite writers and their blogs, just to see what they're up to: Tayari Jones, Tess Gerritson, L.A. Banks, and Alisa Valdes Rodriguez.

OK. Happy writing!

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