Monday, September 22, 2008

The Abstinence Teacher

This has been on my "To-Be-Read" list for a while... I hope to get through it before Election Season is over. It's quite timely and fitting right now.

The Abstinence Teacher, written by Tom Perrotta, follows what happens when a progressive high school sex-ed teacher in a suburban pearl-clutching suburb comments that oral sex can be enjoyable. It's a novel.

It's the culture wars at best, when the teacher, whose motto is "Pleasure Is Good, Shame Is Bad, Knowledge Is Power," is required to add an abstinence lesson in her curriculum after local community and church leaders complain she's corrupting the suburban town's youth.

Sounds like a juicy read, but also one that could mirror what's happening when "blue state" people live in "red state" communities in the U.S.

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