Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Random Questions

Happy Tuesday! So hard to wake up and get back to the world today. But got a couple random questions on my mind.

I went to the mall yesterday to hunt for a men's bathrobe. Couldn't find a robe anywhere! Are bathrobes a thing of the past? An old school clothing item that people no longer wear? Geez. The ONLY robe I found looked like a Hugh Hefner boom-chika-boom-boom robe. Not my style.

Another random question. I'm not picking on the family of the Republican VP nominee. Because we all have family drama and issues. But with the media and the Republican talking heads... they're taking this whole thing like nothing. Now... had it been a black or latino candidate's teenage kid having a kid, I'm sure we'd have heard all sort of "personal responsibility social welfare state eating bon bons" type commentary. Just my take.

And speaking of Republican VP candidates... whether you agree with her politics or not, wouldn't Condoleeza Rice have been the most strategic and qualified VP pick for the Repubs? Kinda makes you wonder... and looking forward to hopefully an easy Obama win in November.



try bed bath and beyond!

Anonymous said...

Robes are still available. Check places like macys. As for the GOP and the vp family, remember a couple of months ago when Fox news was referring to Michelle Obama as Barrack's "baby mama"?