Friday, March 28, 2008

Dare Me

I should be packing right now, because I've got to leave for the airport at like too-early o'clock in the morning, but I'm watching YouTube videos of 80s videos instead.

Song of the hour: Dare Me by The Pointer Sisters. It's a live concert version, not the music video version. But nonetheless, it's still a frisky fun song. The group has an official website too. Well, who doesn't these days...

One line from the song that belongs in a top ten pickup line roster: if there's any truth behind your intention, this night's gonna end up on fire.

Anyway, if you haven't stepped on a college or high school campus lately, everything 80s and 90s is the 2000s. The asymmetical wedge cuts of Salt-n-Pepa days... longer hair on guys... the Anita Baker "Rapture" cut on women... texturizers and s-curl lites... mixtures of bright colors and prints... tight jeans... gold jewelry (the thicker the better). Even the music videos are getting back to the storytelling, singer lip-syncing style.

Making it easier for us writer types who may flashback to the 80s in fiction to access those times quicker... with all the visual cues around us in today's fashion and pop culture.

Gotta get to packing... Atlanta awaits. Come on, dare me (you know the song is kinda catchy, ya dig!)

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