Sunday, March 23, 2008

Love My Soaps Lately

Always loved my daytime dramas. I'm a CBS person.

Lately, the antics between "crazy" Aunt Pam and Donna "Ho"gan have been quite funny on Bold and The Beautiful.

A couple fun clips from YouTube: Donna and Pam meet for the first time; Donna and Pam do coffee (you gotta see what Aunt Pam eats at the very end of this scene... it's so darn funny and worth the watch!)

My friends and I are split down the middle on who/why we like on the show... you're either a Stephanie/Taylor person or a Brooke person. I'm with Steph/Taylor. (Step speaks the gospel to Brooke in this scene.)

This week Young and The Restless turns 35! I've been watching for probably 25 of those years... yeah, I know. The past year sucked, but now that the Bell family is back writing the show, it's back on track. Let's hope they bring Ashley and Drucilla back soon.

I get all my soap info from a couple cool sites. Daytime Confidential. Serial Drama.

And while I'm not an ABC soap person, the folks at Daytime Confidential are raving that One Life to Live is the best on television right now. My granny used to watch it and I'd watch with her way back in the day... I remember some twins, good Pat and bad Maggie, and a kidnapping and a basement... Oh well, long distance memories. Mary J. Blige makes an occasional appearance. Snoop Dogg will be on the show soon.

Such a guilty pleasure. But one thing I've always felt... writers and actors for daytime work the hardest. Where else do you have to churn out and/or memorize hundreds of pages a day? That's some fast work that requires lots of creativity.

Oh well... Happy Sunday!

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Beantown Cuban said...

Taylor and Stephanie rule! I'm with you on their team. Brook and her sister Donna have almost the same psychology and "daddy issues." Is it me or has everyone in the Forrester/Logan clan slept with each other? And now Taylor is getting her groove back with Rick. If the show had been an hour's show, they would have more characters to date.