Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Senator's Wife

In light of recent news events... a novel that is quite fitting.

The Senator's Wife by Sue Miller. About political wives who stay in the relationships/marriages after public and private incidents. Been reading it on and off for about a month.

The subject has always fascinated me... people who stay in something after some very obvious things have gone wrong. Even as a kid, and seeing things in the neighborhood or among relatives, I looked at the strength and sorrow it takes to make relationship decisions.

Someone quipped to me recently that it's only because I've been a Clinton supporter that I have empathy for people who stay. Not the case, and I pulled out a couple of my journals from high school where I broached the subject. All sorts of people make "arrangements" in their relationships, and the psychology behind that fascinates me academically and personally. Don't know why.

But this isn't about me, or Clinton, or any other political/personal partner. It's really about a good novel, The Senator's Wife, by Sue Miller. Listen to an excerpt here.

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