Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Big Lit

No, we're not talking big books. I tend to shy away from books as large as the yellow pages.

We're talking books that feature normal-to-plus size protagonists. Of course all this is skewed on the L.A. scale, my current hometown, when a size 6 (or a 32 inch waist for men) is considered normal-to-plus size... and that's outside entertainment circles. Maybe a big of an exageration, but you get the gist.

But we're not talking L.A. scale. We're talking fiction. Check these out:

Something On The Side by Carl Weber. Featuring The Big Girls Book Club, where members must be at least a size 14 and have a scandalous love life to talk about at book club meetings. Another hit from one of my faves.

The Next Big Thing by Johanna Edwards. Following six overweight women cast on a reality show to see who can lose the most weight. Think The Biggest Loser in novel form. A lot of Edwards' work features normal-to-plus size characters.

Something's Wrong With Your Scale by Van Whitfield. Following the trials and tribulations of a man who has gained 75 pounds and lost his girlfriend in the process. Can he find himself again?

Conversations With The Fat Girl by Liza Palmer. A Southern California woman comes to terms with her weight and looks for love in her personal growth process. I read this one. Loved it!

Dirty Girls Social Club by Alisa Valdes Rodriguez. One of my favorites of all time. And features one of the best plus-size and proud protagonists I've read, Usnavys. The character will be back in a sequel coming in a few months, Dirty Girls On Top.

I'm sure I'm missing some... what have you read that features normal-to-plus size protagonists?

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