Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The 6-Year-Old Skank... and Other Delightful Reading

Been a little busy on the trip to Atlanta these past days. More in a bit on that. Back in L.A. finally. Got a lot of work ahead of me... lotta decisions to make about other people's futures.

Discovered a new little treasure of fun(ny) books by author Celia Rivenbark. When I saw Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank at the bookstore counter, the title caught my eye and made me laugh. It's a collection of short essays on modern life and some pop culture.

Rivenbark has a couple other titles, and an online column, that might interest you. We're Just Like You, Only Prettier. And Bless Your Heart, Tramp.

Cute titles. The kinda phrases my friends and I exchanged during this conference and our after-conference activities these past few days. I'm clubbed and Grey Goosed and all-nightered and networked out. But life and work continue. Gosh, does the work continue... Rihanna's Take a Bow will get me through it. Hot song!

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