Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Red State

That map is pretty scary... and says a lot about who needs to (and can) win where in order to seal the deal in November.

I think in California, we sometimes take for granted the relatively progressive, liberal, blue state way of life.

I say relatively because there are pockets of folks here in Cali who want to return to the "good ol'days," when "'Messicans' were maids, not mayors," and when "Blacks were property, not property owners."

So I use my job at the university to help my students see and hear what "the other side" is thinking. And I'm soooooo excited to bring them this film.

Red State.

A documentary featuring real people from Red States, sharing their opinions on liberals, minorities, women, the right to choose health decisions, etc... This stuff, I want my students to see... so they know how the rest of the country views progressive people from relatively progressive states and cities.

These folks don't hold back how they REALLY feel... something I think my students need to educate themselves on. Beyond the clothes, music, dorm life, and friendliness, how are the people they hang with REALLY feeling or thinking about them.

The documentary is quite sad, funny, makes you cringe at how some Red State folks think. Makes you wonder about the perceptions people have of supposed elite, educated, creative/Hollywood liberal types in Blue States. I'm open, but not open to ignorance... and you hear a little of it in this documentary. Well, a lot.

Anyway, if you're in a position to get Red State, it could be eye opening for you and the people around you.

I love writing my novels and articles, but politics and opinions and ideas make me really excited too.

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Marz said...

It's scary to see how many states are red. Just imagine if they tried to over power us. (Scary LOL)

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