Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Writer's Life Can Be Like Fiction

There are friends who say I should roll with an entourage, use whatever privileges come with being a semi-public person, be arrogant, and all that jazz. Totally not me. My parents raised me a certain kind of way, and it wasn't to be a jerk or arrogant.

And I've often heard Oprah say on her show that the public figures who have always had a strong sense of self and don't let the "being public" go to their head... Something like that, I think.

I always joke that authors are on the bottom rung of the entertainment industry ladder, and since most people don't read, most people don't really care about writers or whatever perceived fame they may have.

Many authors, in fact, are very private people. Work in solitude. Don't seek tons of spotlight on themselves as individuals, but maybe will seek attention for their work.

Very few Lohans, and Ritchies, and Hiltons among the author community. Well, there was that public breakup of one of our favorites last summer... made ALL the news.

Then... found this truth is like fiction piece, courtesy of my friend Noel Alumit's blog. Literary Tabloid.

Read the story. I'm not all about putting my business out there. But for some... that's how they roll I guess.


Anonymous said...

I can appreciate this site!!

very nice Mr. Smith

the last noel said...

I guess you haven't heard those nasty rumors that I spread about you. It's supposed to make you a hot topic. Oooooh!

Anonymous said...

i agree, there is something to be said for humility and wanting to keep some sort of privacy. The Oprah reference however is ambiguous because she just provides the forum and encouragement to get the people to air their dirty laundry i'e', terri and jonathan. Just be you and remember the good lessons your parents taught u.