Friday, August 10, 2007

Jameka. Big Brother 8.

So yes, there are WAY more important things than reality television to write about. I just don't feel like discussing those things today :-) It's Friday, ya know?

OK. So, I'll go on a limb here. I'm a Big Brother fan. I'm also liking this season's show. And I also like Jameka. This photo is from the official Big Brother site.

OK. There. No, I don't know her. She's a friend in my imagination, though. That's enough, right. So there.

I say it like that because there's a lot of people -- who may find their way to this site -- who are using her faith, prayer, and higher power against her. If you watch the show -- and the live feeds at night on Showtime -- you see Jameka has been nothing but nice, sweet, kind, quiet, and very patient in putting up with some not-so-nice people in the house.

And she's the ONLY black person in the house this year. And we know how black people on reality tv fare when they're not buffooning themselves... or even when they do. Not always a good situation.

But last night, if you watched the live feed, one of the older, white guys in the house -- they call him Evil (and for a good reason -- he yells and berates everyone in the house) -- went off on Jameka. Called her every kind of name in the book... because of her faith, prayer, and belief in higher power... and I wonder if he was THIS close to pulling a Don Imus choice of words out of his mouth.

I mean, white man talking down to a black woman. You can imagine what thoughts were there in his mind. And what censors and restraint he may have shown, knowing cameras were on him. Especially when he pulled the "you're 30 and no man will want you" card. Sensitive topic for black women... men too, considering how our community pairs off in and out the community, often leaving black women single.

But Jameka held her own. But I know it's hard when you're the only one. We ALL know.

If you get to see the show on CBS, or the live feeds on Showtime after midnite (I kinda like those better -- live and uncensored), check it out.

It's only reality tv, I know. But it's kinda like real life. And just like real life, if a sista comes under attack, the community (and you know who I mean) gotta come to her defense.

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prodigalsun said...

I was wondering what that big brother after dark thing was about when I click thru channels late night. I thought it would be a collection of all to scenes that would be too rauchy or racy for regular tv... people skinny dipping, shower scenes, crazy fight with curse words, bloopers... something.

After 15-20 of watching a boring discussion about something random, I said to hell with it and haven't watched since. Now I understand it. Still wont tune in... but I understand it.