Monday, August 06, 2007

Once Upon a Nervous Breakdown

So my friend and fellow Kensington label mate, Patrick Sanchez, has a new book out.

Once Upon a Nervous Breakdown.

It's a really good book. A few months back, he asked me to read a copy for a blurb. Loved it.

In fact, I wrote: “Once Upon a Nervous Breakdown reels you in with a vivid picture of thirty-something life — fun, frenzied, and feverishly juggling love, family, friends, and career. Patrick Sanchez is a great storyteller who, once again, has created a world of witty, smart, and identifiable women who jump off the page.”
Frederick Smith, Author of Down for Whatever

Hope you will give it a try. Oh, and check out the fun video montage he put together for the book. Quite fun!

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