Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chill Town in the D-Town

Home sweet home in Detroit for some days, and I'm just absolutely amazed at the amount of new development -- business, housing, and recreational -- taking place in the downtown area.

Last night went down to the new Detroit River Walk area, slightly modeled after Chicago's lakefront area, but less commercial and more of a nod toward the environmental side. Filled with people enjoying the views of downtown Detroit and Windsor, Canada. Couldn't believe the number of people in downtown Detroit... at NIGHT. It was kinda cool.

Eating good, home-cooked food. Visited my cousin's new church today for the first time. Great service. Ate a White Castle, something I hadn't done in a couple years. Forgot about the FOX 2 News helicopters taking off and landing next door to our house. Nice little wake up call in the morning. Not complaining. At all.

Just enjoying a Chill Town kinda weekend and week. And you?


Joseph said...

Happy Birthday Fred!

D-Place said...

Yes Happy Belated Birthday!!