Thursday, August 23, 2007

Watch Out... The Repubs Are Trying To Steal California!

So I assume most of you who check in to my blog are rooting for one of these three for president. At least I hope so.

Well, even though the tide is (and probably will) turn Demo, the Repubs are willing to try just about ANYthing to keep the White House. That means they want to keep one of these three out.

That includes stealing California.

Yeah, that's right. A right-wing Repub group in Cali is funding a California initiative that calls for ending the "winner-takes-all" electoral votes for whoever receives the most votes in California. Read the story here.

That's because Cali is traditionally a Demo and liberal and progressive state. But if the initiative wins, Cali's votes could award a proportional amount of electoral votes to the Dems and Repubs..., even though a Demo has won California in the last four presidential elections.

And that could mean four MORE years of Repubs in D.C. Not cool, says DailyKos, which is trying to mobilize and arm people with knowledge about this.

I guess if you can't win... cheat. Or steal. Didn't their moms teach them better than that?


No4real4real said...

I heard about this on the news today. What will you do to stop it from happening Fred...LOL

Oh yeah I am back!!!

BronzeBuckaroo said...

I get nervous everytime I hear about this story. I also worry about Obama knowing that the coming election year is going to be very, very dirty.