Friday, August 17, 2007

A Daytime TV First. Man Kiss.

So As The World Turns may have been your grandma's soap opera back in the day, but it's definitely a show of the times today... as the show featured the first ever man-on-man kiss on daytime television. Except these men are young men... just out of high school, about to start college.

The story has been building slowly all summer. Some backstory...

Luke is openly gay. His parents and grandparents accept him. He's the blonde guy.

Noah is... not sure. But he is sure. He's the brown haired guy.

Noah has been kinda dating Luke's best female friend all summer, one of their mutual friends, though he's always held back his true feelings for her best friend. Noah also has a dad who is NOT feeling Noah hanging with openly gay Luke (Dad's always know). And the Dad is threatening to send his son Noah away to keep Noah and Luke apart.

OK. For those of you sitting in front of the computer all day with nothing to do, you can catch up on all the week's episodes of As The World Turns to see if this is yet another show to add to your TiVo. Besides, Young and the Restless hasn't been at its best since all the Bell-era writers were let go about a year ago for the new regime.

And if you're hoping for more open representation like this, send the producers of ATWT a note of appreciation for daring to be the first to air a storyline that may help thousands of teens and their parents this summer.

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D.LavarJames said...

Sup Fred,

I'm not ashamed to say that I have watched soaps since I was a kid. So last summer when I started reading about the character of Luke coming out to his parents, who have been apart of that show since the late 80's, I decided to check it out. I t has been a really good story and very believable, and the fact that this summer they decided to tell more of the story has been just as great.

I think I rewinded my DVR several times to rewatch the kiss, I was just so shocked that they actually showed it. It was a terrific mildstone in daytime television, and I will continue to be glued to this.