Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekends Go Too Fast, Huh?

Seems that as soon as you walk out the door Friday, it's almost time to walk back in on Monday. This weekend was no different for me.

But I am so grateful and appreciative of having weekends off. Job(s) that I like. Life. In fact, we should have a rampage of appreciation and gratitude today... like for the morning glory flowers on the left. They're beautiful.

Had lots of ambitious plans for work, well book work, I wanted to get done. Wanted to get a few pages written. Wanted to finish some questions the publicist at Kensington had for me. Wanted to read through a few pages of the final galley of Right Side/Wrong Bed -- it was messengered to me Friday; have to proof it and get it back in on Aug. 8. Wanted to do a few social things with friends.

I managed the social things. Went to a fun dinner party and movie night at a friend's house in Studio City. Saw Perfume. Good film. Twisted, at times. But good. Managed to read a few pages of the Right Side/Wrong Bed galley.

This morning, I feel tired. TIRED. Don't ask why. Sunday was relatively calm, after church, brunch, gym, etc...

But I'm teaching a class this morning (one of my summer projects, Mon and Wed mornings) and I think I'm doing to do what most teachers do when they don't feel like talking for an hour.

We show a film. And get some of our own work done while it's screening. :-)

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