Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Half-Way Point

MMM, just finally getting back to normal after a weekend of various events. So nice to see so many folks in L.A. for Black Pride weekend. I just love the diversity of the black LGBT community. Indeed we are a creative, expressive, and varied community.

So of course, now... all the tourists have left, the events are less numerous, and we're all back to our "regular" lives in L.A.

And then I started thinking, thanks to a weekly email newsletter I get from Cheryl Richardson's site. Geez, it's mid-July already. Of 2007. The year is like half-way over. We're beyond the half-way point. Time flies, whether you're having fun or not. So might as well have fun and go for it.

So. I know back in January, many of us made "resolutions" about what and/or how we wanted our lives to be. Could have been weight, wellness, writing, whatever.

How are you doing with those "resolutions" or lifestyle changes? Hope it's going well. It's not too late to start.

Speaking of half-way point, I'm well at the half-way point of a manuscript that's due in September to my publisher. Writing on deadline, whether it's corporate-imposed or self-imposed, can be motivating, can be stressful. But it's no joke.

It's not too late to start.

And for those of you who celebrate the various holidays at the end of the year (that some say require gifts), now might be a good time to start picking up some of those things. If you're like me, you might try to cram a day's worth of shopping into one-month's worth of paycheck, which can cause a year's worth of financial issues.

Start all that stuff now.

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