Friday, July 06, 2007

At The Beach (i.e. Black Pride) L.A. 2007

So hopefully you're in the know about the black gay pride events taking place in L.A. this weekend. If not, click here, the official At The Beach L.A. website.

The theme is "Black Out."

Lots of official and unofficial events happening over the weekend. The site lists most of them. Couple of good friends from East Coast and the dirty, dirty South here, lol. So they may pull me into a couple events, including the famous beach party on Saturday.

Looking forward to a "Hollywood" party on Sunday afternoon by a good friend and supporter. Now, gotta find some pink and white to wear. Hmmmm....

Did a coupla great writer panels this week to kick off the literary portions of ATBLA. Real fun talking and meeting new folks.

Hope all is good for you.

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